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My Life with Anxiety and how I’m Dealing with it

For most of my life I have suffered from anxiety. To be clear, it began when I was just a child. Most likely, my anxieties kicked in after the third child in my family, another girl, was born. She was born with a disability and because of that disability, she was nervous, fidgety and at times, obnoxious. To be honest, she was also funny and at times, a joy to be around. However, such times were minimal.

Anyway, my anxieties really kicked in during high school. With the normal everyday concerns in high school such as wanting good grades, looking good, jealousies and rivalries, it was a bit much. Then, college came along and of course, I went and again anxieties kicked in. I loved college but the confrontations and nervousness that was there, was a bit much. College went good and then marriage came next. Moving over 20 times in 40 some years was at the least, a challenge and at the most, unbearable. The constant packing up, getting ready to go and then moving into a completely new environment was challenging and unnerving. Most of these moves were military moves and so one just had to “grin and bear it.”

For me, the most challenging move was the military move to Germany. I never flew in a plane before and that first flight was something else. However, after the first hour, it was no problem. Looking back, I don’t know why I got so nervous! But, of course, the first time for anything can be stressful and challenging. Another anxiety provoking moment–well, it was more than a moment–was going for my master’s in Business. That occurred about 10 years ago. Now that I have a master’s in Business, I feel wonderful, it was the process of obtaining the master’s degree that was anxiety provoking. I got this degree online and that was O.K. but it was a lot of work, for sure!

Throughout the years, I have found several ways and methods to deal with anxiety and fears. One of those ways is deep breathing exercises. Everyday and especially at night, I breathe in slowly through my nose, hold the breath and then exhale through my mouth. I hold the breath for about 5 seconds before exhaling. This helps to calm my mind as well as my body. Another things I do everyday is to walk for at least an hour. This is also helpful because again, it calms my mind and body. I have also found reading to be great comfort, especially reading the Bible. There are so many truths in that book that I never get bored. For me, it is source of wisdom and a light that shines through the dark.

To conclude, anxiety has ruled my body and mind for a long time but I am quickly coming to the conclusion that there is no need for it. Anxiety, when you think about it, in most cases is man-made, unnecessary and harmful to the body and mind. There are so many ways that anxiety can be destroyed and one way is to write about it, as I have now. For anyone who suffers from this mental disorder, I say to them, “You don’t need it! Try one of the above methods and get rid of your anxiety today! No one should suffer from anxiety because it causes no good.

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Informative Details About My Experience And Advice On Getting A Good Lawyer

No matter how law abiding you are there is a high likely hood that you will need the services of a lawyer at one time. This does not mean that you are criminal or you do not follow the law, but it simply means that you will need a lawyer to give you legal advice or represent you in a certain case. I learnt this after I was injured while at work and I had to sue my former employer so that he could compensate me. That injury led to me getting fired and I had to seek medical attention for three months until I was completely healed. Through this I learnt that it is always important to know how to get a good lawyer.

One of the most important things I learnt while looking for the most suitable lawyer is that it is always important to check whether the chosen lawyer is licensed. This is because being represented by a lawyer who is not licensed can lead to the court not recognizing the lawyer. A licensed lawyer also proves that he or she is well trained and certified to provide the necessary services. I learnt that a person can readily get the list of all the licensed lawyers in a certain place. From this list I was able to establish that the lawyer who was representing me in negotiations with my employer and during the court case was dully licensed.

I also learnt that it is important to check the experience of the chosen lawyer. This is because a more experienced lawyer is more likely to have a good understanding of the various laws. Furthermore, a lawyer with more experience is more likely to understand how to handle various judges. This is helpful because the lawyer might even have a good relationship with the various judges because of working with them for a long time and therefore is more likely to get favorable outcomes. I learnt that to know the experience of a lawyer one just needs to request the license and check when the lawyer started practicing law.

Another thing I have learnt from my experience is that the most suitable lawyer is the one with a good record of winning cases. I learnt that such a lawyer is even respected in negotiations and in court and therefore is more likely to win cases. A lawyer who wins almost all the cases he or she handles shows certain skills which include:

  • Competence
  • Good communication skills
  • Good understanding of the laws
  • Being professional in negotiations and court cases

I came to know that to determine whether a lawyer has a good record of winning cases one just needs to go through the court records. The lawyer can also provide a list of the cases he or she has handled and their outcomes.

My experience with lawyers also taught me that different lawyers can charge different fees for handling the same case. This disparity is usually brought about by how prominent the lawyer is. The more established lawyers usually charge higher fees than the ones beginning their careers. This gave me a reason to compare various lawyers so as to choose the one charging the most reasonable fees. All what I had to do was to request for quotes from a number of lawyers and compare their fees. Therefore, my experience after the injury taught me that it is always paramount to check the outlined qualities so as to get the most suitable lawyer.